Dec. 2021 | Events |

On the 24th of November we hosted our flagship conference Innovation Summit where we want to create a space for you and your peers, who have a passion for credit related trends, data and innovation.

Considering the economic disruptions that the COVID-19 pandemic brought about in 2020 and the adaptions taken by individuals, businesses and economies, our theme for the conference was Lead the New Now.

At this year’s Innovation Summit our consultants, Jakob Færgeman and Buse Hanci gave an macroeconomic update: How credit economies have changed and how different industries have been impacted.

In their presentation they gave us insights into:

  • How Covid-19 had permanent impacts on businesses and how it is now time to solve them with new data sources and analytics tools
  • How different industries have been impacted and the effect of these
  •  The changing behaviors which has changed the risk landscape  of fraudulent behavior
  • ​Affordability calculations
  • How has these changes ​have affected the way businesses operate 
  • What role does new data sources and enhanced monitor play into the operating models of businesses today

Learn more about the macroeconomic environment and the future outlook of businesses by watching the full 20min presentation.