Building for success in applying analytics to decision-making

It is undeniable that today’s banking environment has changed significantly and is continuing to change. Costumers asking for a richer banking experience along with capital regulations and an ever increasing digital footprint, are taking Nordic banks to new levels of digitalization.

The next logical step is to build for robustness making the right decisions. To embrace the demands for instant, mobile and customized solutions, Credit Risk Management has to become fully integrated across channels, products and business lines.

Automation and standardisation of processes for fraud and identity, originations, customer management, monitoring, collections and multi channel delivery are key drivers of profitable changes and economic growth.

  • More tailored scorecards and models
  • More sophistication in Decision systems
  • More and better data for better Risk Management
  • More flexibility in product and strategy development
  • Centralized book-keeping and Critical Risk practice

What we do for clients in the Nordics

Experian is a global leader in credit and technology services with local representation in Copenhagen and Oslo.

Our Business lines are Credit Services and Decision Analytics, providing for the entire Value Chain in Credit Risk.

Our expertise is to transform decision automation, innovation and fraud prevention into competitive business models.

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