New levels of digitalization
in the Nordic Region

Building for success in applying analytics to decision-making

It is undeniable that today’s banking environment has changed significantly and is continuing to change. Costumers asking for a richer banking experience along with capital regulations and an ever increasing digital footprint, are taking Nordic banks to new levels of digitalization.

The next logical step is to build for robustness making the right decisions. To embrace the demands for instant, mobile and customized solutions, Credit Risk Management has to become fully integrated across channels, products and business lines.

Automation and standardisation of processes for fraud and identity, originations, customer management, monitoring, collections and multi channel delivery are key drivers of profitable changes and economic growth.

  • More tailored scorecards and models
  • More sophistication in Decision systems
  • More and better data for better Risk Management
  • More flexibility in product and strategy development
  • Centralized book-keeping and Critical Risk practice

Evolution in the Retail Banking sector

What we do for clients in the Nordics

Experian is a global leader in credit and technology services with local representation in Copenhagen and Oslo.

Our Business lines are Credit Services and Decision Analytics, providing for the entire Value Chain in Credit Risk.

Our expertise is to transform decision automation, innovation and fraud prevention into competitive business models.

A critical component

Acquiring and originating the right new customers is a critical component of growth for most organisations. Making the right decisions about which customers to acquire and matching them to the right product and offer can make the difference in the profitability of that relationship.

Understand potential power and risk

The acquisition and origination process relies on the ability to harness the power of data and transform it, using analytics, to understand the potential revenue and risk associated with each customer. Customer acquisition and origination decisioning covers a broad spectrum of activities, from identifying prospects to qualifying them for specific products and offers, and booking new accounts with customers at the optimal price and terms.

Growing relationships

Competition over profitable customers is fierce and unrelenting. To win, you need more insight into the true nature and full value of your customer relationships. You need the means to move good customer relationships in anever-more-profitable direction, and you have to do that in a changing business environment while reducing risk and cost. Moreover today’s customers have more choices than ever. For many organizations, this makes retaining good customers and growing these relationships even harder.

Get closer and build lifetime value

The best way to build this loyalty and drive real sustainable growth is by getting closer to existing customers, building lasting relationships and lifetime value. Furthermore, in today’s market there is less room for missteps with customers, no company can afford to give customers conflicting answers; overlook an opportunity to cross sell; or make multiple, uncoordinated collections calls. 

In order to drive the right message to the right client at the right time, you need the tools that will enable a 360° customer overview.   It makes sense that account-level decisions should stem from common customer level understanding of the whole relationship, ensuring ongoing and improved customer satisfaction.

Faster and easier

Experian’s PowerCurve™ Customer Management solution, makes this process faster easier and more efficient than ever before. Key features include: Holistic customer profiles for accurate holistic segmentation. PowerCurve™ Customer Management creates a unique profile for each customer, encompassing the entire relationship with the organization. Experian’s customer management solutions are designed to maximize the value of customer relationships and create a positive customer experience. Through high performance decisioning, you can confidently put your customer knowledge into action and create and test new decisioning strategies quickly and easily. Pricing, Limit Management, cross-sell and up-sell, utilization, customer retention and debt control are all issues Experian can help you with.

Improve debt recovery

Experian’s Debt collection information service uses enhanced customer data to help you achieve better debt recovery. Improve your debt collection by getting the best quality data to help you prioritise, target and manage your customer relationships as effectively as possible. In order to assist the debt collection process, Experian has a range of data items which can be used to help answer the following questions:

  • Do I have the most up-to-date contact details for my customer?
  • What assets does my client currently have?
  • Where is the client and what is the best way to make contact?
  • Who should I attempt to collect from first?
  • Profile the debtors’ credit situation

Strategy Management simplified

Experian’s PowerCurve™ Strategy Management enables organizations to quickly and easily identify the potential revenue and risk associated with each and every customer interaction to develop and deliver more insightful customer decision strategies. You can drive profitability with confident decisioning. Combine advanced analytics and decisioning strategies to drive higher performance with well targeted, dynamic and confident customer decisions to remain competitive and improve profitability.

It can help you recognize early signs of market and customer behavior changes so you can quickly adapt decisioning strategies to avoid negative impacts and take advantage of new opportunities. PowerCurve™ helps you easily incorporate new decisioning capabilities into your existing environment. Add just the software and analytics components you need to solve targeted business challenges.

Deploying decision strategies

Better customer decisions are a powerful force for improving business performance. Precisely targeted, confident decisions, consistently delivered across the customer life cycle, can really drive profitability in today's increasingly competitive environment. To increase the pace of improvement and accelerate return on investment (ROI), however, you need efficient and effective methods of developing and deploying insightful decision strategies. To stay competitive and adapt to dynamic business conditions, you need agile ways of affecting change.

Release the value of data

Our analytics help to release the value of data, by providing insights to help clients solve problems and make valuable business decisions. Our integrated approach involves taking our own data, and data from our clients and third parties, and applying analytical models and software to transform raw data into meaningful information and insights. We take a consultative approach and work collaboratively with our clients, to help them identify issues and focus on solutions that add value to their business and increase their return on investment.

Our platforms help our clients to carry out complex activities such as compiling, standardising and retrieving data, managing the decision-making process and managing workflows.

Scoremodels and industry solutions

We develop scores, models and software, and create both bespoke and industry solutions, as we find elements of a problem are common across clients.

  • Our solutions help our clients to improve their business operations and customer interactions. They enable clients to:
  • Balance speed and competitiveness with the need for careful risk assessment, when considering an application for credit;
  • Verify that people are who they say they are and validate that the information they provide is correct, to help establish a person’s identity and prevent fraud
  • Detect, monitor and assess the risk of fraud at every stage of the customer relationship.
  • Establish an accurate picture of a customer’s ability and propensity to pay - and, therefore, help our clients understand the best way to help their customers meet their obligations;
  • Automate huge volumes of day-to-day decisions, helping clients to make the right decision for each customer, in a timely, consistent and cost-efficient manner.

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Develop a strategic response to fraud

Today’s tough economic climate is driving a surge in first party fraud for many organisations, whilst identify theft, the sophistication of fraudsters and cybercrime are also on the increase. To make matters worse, preventing fraud is becoming more complex, with the challenges of multi-channel customer engagement, increased regulations and cross-border activity.  Organisations are faced with new challenges:

  • Acquiring genuine customers and ensuring an optimal customer experience
  • Protecting customers and enhancing customer satisfaction

Meeting the growing demand for digital payments. This increased complexity is creating unacceptable losses, escalating costs and unhappy customers that together are impacting all areas of the business. To meet these challenges, organisations need a strategic response to tackle fraud throughout the business. And they need it now.

Introducing Experian’s fraud expertise

Experian’s fraud experts recommend a continuous cycle of fraud prevention, detection, investigation and improvement, so you can balance risk and revenue while enhancing the customer experience and delivering maximum return on investment. Experian’s fraud consultants work with organisations to develop a strategic response to fraud, helping to:

  • Define a strong fraud risk strategy
  • Identify and prevent fraud
  • Review and improve existing fraud strategies to keep up with current and emerging threats.
  • Adopting a strategic response to fraud means you can:
  • Keep ahead of evolving fraud practices
  • Balance risk, revenue and customer experience
  • Deliver maximum return on investment
  • Maximise customer acquisition and fraud detection rates
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Minimise fraud losses and false positive referrals

Santander - improving risk metrics in a challenging environment


  • Santander has developed a global franchise with a strong commitment to growing the business through the enhancement of customer relations and an active cross-selling strategy.
  • To assure that the growth strategy was not hit by the financial crisis, Santander started to redesign its global collection model to ensure that the benefts of the growth strategy were not overlapped by an unexpected increase in delinquency levels. The bank searched for a partner who could deliver a collections platform that would help to resolve their collections challenge and also achieve the key management objectives identified for recovery in the financial crisis:
  • Keeping costs static
  • Improving the customer experience

Santander aimed to achieve these objectives while maintaining the risk quality of the loan portfolio. They also determined that the branches, a key element of the bank’s customer-centric approach, should be able to access key information on the profile of each customer in collections to enable them to personalise debt solutions.

Decision Analytics answer

Santander’s Spanish operation selected Experian’s Tallyman operational collections system. The highly configurable and flexible system for end-to-end collections process and workflow met Santander’s business and technical requirements, allowing quick changes in a dynamic business market. Experian’s accumulated knowledge and expertise gained from implementing leading collections solutions around the world and the local presence of Experian resources was also key to the selection of Tallyman.

Incorporating analytics in the collections process

The Tallyman platform enables the bank to segment customers based on their risk profile. This is determined using behavioural and collections scoring and used to execute individual collections treatments. Customers are finely segmented according to a wide range of variables to create an accurate profile that drives the most appropriate collections treatment according to the level of risk and value that the customer represents. Collections actions can be effectively prioritised and strategies implemented to achieve the business’s objectives, such as reducing the cost to collect by leaving habitual late payers to self cure and delaying the follow up activity for low risk customers, enabling resources to be focused on high risk, high value customers to maximise recovery. The system automates collections activities on lower risk, lower value accounts to minimise manual intervention.

Santander have integrated their predictive dialler to enhance the speed and efficiency of collections and significantly reduce the cost to collect. The platform unifies collection actions throughout a multichannel environment, not only covering Santander’s channels but also integrating external debt collection agencies (DCAs) and legal offices.

Tallyman enables Santander to manage its customers in arrears in a more holistic way by providing the ability to deploy customer-centric activities which closely match both the value of the customer and the overall credit risk they represent.

Continual monitoring and improvement

Champion/Challenger analytical tools enable Santander to test new strategies in a real-time, controlled live environment to enable a cycle of continuous improvement.


The implementation of Tallyman at Santander in Spain, combined with the creation of a Collections Business Unit has significantly reduced Santander’s Gross Risk Premium (the last 12 months variation in delinquency balance plus net write-offs for the period.) At Santander Consumer Finance in Spain this improvement represents an 83 percent reduction in their Gross Risk Premium to €99 million.

The integration of Tallyman with Santander’s internal systems enables easy deployments of the system across the group. Due to its success in Spain, the bank is now extending its collection model across all geographies and businesses, ensuring that it covers and supports different collection strategies for its markets and business units.

About Santander

Banco Santander is the eurozone’s leading bank. Founded in 1857, since then, the bank has built a global presence in retail banking and consumer finance through its brands Santander and Santander Consumer Finance. Through them, Santander provides a broad range of financial services to consumer and business customers.

“Our strong analytical capabilities combined with the powerful Tallyman collections platform has improved our main risk metrics.”

- Magda Salarich, Santander Consumer Finance CEO

 “Due to the success of Tallyman at Santander Spain, our plan is to accelerate the implementation of the system across the rest of the Santander Group.”

- Jose Mª Fuster, Global CEO for Technology and Operations


  • Santander Consumer Finance’s Gross Risk Premium reduced by 83 percent to €99 million
  • Reduced operational costs with automation of manual processes
  • Significantly reduced write-offs
  • Improved staff productivity with collectors focused on high value activities
  • Continual monitoring and improving the performance of the arrears book and
  • collections processes • Full integration with
  • Santander’s corporate systems facilitates easy rollouts throughout the Santander group


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