We are updating our systems – are you ready for TLS 1.2?

As a part of Experian’s continuous data security work, we will soon update our systems to support only browsers / Web services with TLS 1.2 or later. This means that from June 26, 2018 you will not be able to access Experian data unless you do anything now.

What should I do?

  • If you access Experian services through a browser, you can test if your browser is ready for TLS 1.2 with Qualys’ TLS Test (see our guide below)
  • If you access Experian services through internal systems (Unik’s Advosys, Microsoft Dynamics, NAV, Capto’s Advo+, EG’s AdvoPro, InkassoPro or similar), you need to forward this webpage to your IT department or system administrator.

Test if your browser is TLS 1.2 compatible

First, you need to do the Qualys TLS Test

If you see the below result, your browser is already compatible with TLS 1.2 and you do not need to do anything. tls-1-2

If, on the other hand, you get a notice that your browser is not compatible with TLS 1.2, you should contact your IT department/adminstrator.

Are you in doubt if this concerns you? Contact our customer service department on +45 70 10 01 07 or contact your IT department or administrator.


What services does this apply to?

All Experian services, including:

  • Kreditsikring.dk
  • KOB.dk
  • BusinessInsight.experian.dk
  • Mobile.experian.dk

Which browsers are compatible with TLS 1.2?

New browser versions such of Firefox, Chrome og Safari samt Internet Explorer 11, support TLS 1.2. The following browser versions are compatible:

  • Google Chrome version 38 or more recent
  • Firefox version 27 or more recent
  • Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7
  • Microsoft Edge all versions
  • Apple Safari version 7 (iOS X 10.9)
  • Apple Safari Mobile version 6 (iOS 6)

When should we be ready for TLS 1.2?

  • We are updating our services for TLS 1.2 on June 26, 2018. At this time, your browsers need to support TLS 1.2.